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Ghosts of Hollow Creek is now available on Steam.


The Storm Is Here...

Ghosts of Hollow Creek is now available!

Trouble is brewing on the horizon for the snowy town of Hollow Creek. You and your companions left your home town long ago, each for your personal reasons. Now you are compelled to return, confront your demons, and save those you love in this new role-playing video game.
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Ghosts of Hollow Creek is a traditional, story-based RPG with some modern comforts:

  • Character Creation - pick any name you want for the main character and companions, pick their look, choose from 12 exciting classes, and choose the gender of the main character's romantic interest - it's your game, have fun!  Checkout this quick demo on YouTube.

  • Quest Log and Quest Indicators - never feel lost, check the Quest Log for what you've done and what you need to do to advance the story. If you need more help, Quest Indicators highlight NPCs and locations critical to your current quest. (Quest Indicators can be turned on/off in the Options Menu.)

  • Game Difficulty Settings - there is an EASY mode for new players and HARD mode for veteran players.

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Ghosts of Hollow Creek is a product of Snow Cone Games powered by RPG Maker®

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